Estate Liquidation Services

Our Estate Liquidation Organizing Services

Overwhelmed by how to sort or organize your items? Let us do the work for you. Christina has over 30+ years experience with organizing spaces and is willing to help ease the burden of how you can downsize your items in a reasonable amount of time.

***Fun note*** Christina’s High School Year Book quote was “The Key to Success is Organization”. How interesting is it that she uses it in her personal and business life today?!

First Step: Upfront Consultation with Lead organization specialist Christina Reissig- $35 cost. *This will include your estimate of services needed specific to your job.

Second Step: Sorting and Organization. Each job requires a minimum of a 4 hour service provided with the Lead organization specialist: First 4 hours=$100 total with Lead organization specialist. *Each additional hour after the initial 4 hours is $20 per hour. If an extra person is needed the cost is $15 per hour for the Junior organization specialist. **Storage boxes will be used to sort items. Cost per box is $5.00 and will be provided by RVS/ACA and charged with the final billing.

Third and Final Step: We can move boxed items and furniture to appropriate locations for additional cost. These costs will be quoted on an as needed basis.

Call Christina if you have any questions or to get scheduled for your consultation today. You will be glad you did! (937)690-9837